What Is Your Luxury?

In my office work around 90 people. It means that on average we celebrate someone’s birthday every fourth days. I have to say that it’s quite challenging for someone who constantly tries to lose some weight to be surrounded by long-lasting smell of sugar. But I don’t give up.

Thanks God, around one year ago I found out that I have gluten intolerance which successfully helped me to finally stop eating all these gluten-full birthday cakes (and what’s even more important –  do not think anymore if I can or rather should not try them). Now I only treat myself with gluten-free desserts.

Yesterday was my lucky day. My friend served us an amazing gluten-free brownie for her 30th birthday. I ate two pieces. Around 3 p.m. together with other colleagues from our team we went to a conference room in order to sing her “happy birthday” and give some money for a present (also known as a gift voucher).

She was very moved. I do not know what was more touching. The fact that we came with a huge bunch of beautiful flowers loudly singing or awareness that we basically broke all sanitary rules by bringing more that 10 people with open mouths to a room which (according to safety regulations) was dedicated to maximum 4 people.

Anyway, once we stopped singing, M. started to thank us and explain that starting 30th year of her life does not seem to be easy. Suddenly someone cut her off in mid-sentence and said that a new chapter may bring some new beginnings.

And then M. confessed that she actually

does not

I was absolutely amazed by this statement.

That she could so spontaneously admit that she does not need any revolution, that she does not need to wait for changes, does not need to ask for anything better. That she simply likes the way she lives.

That’s the case. “All the best” does not have to be an unachievable phrase written on a birthday card in colorful letters. It can be (and it should be) something what we do experience.

What would you need to have in your life to say that you do not want any newness?

@natanja, Natalia Grün

Last week I was watching an interview with famous Polish influencer. The journalist asked her: Do you even imagine having kids? Would you be able to change your luxury life into simple family lifestyle?

Maybe it would be my luxury then – she answered.

It’s eye opening. Luxury does not have only one definition. It does not necessarily need to involve any expensive things and possessions. For me it’s a state of unusual comfort. Having in mind that you can do anything you want and knowing at the same time that you do not have to do anything you don’t want to.

Waking up without an alarm / waking up for a perfect job,
wearing a beautiful bra / not wearing a bra,
spending time with your loved ones / being alone,
being touched / not being touched,
listening to your favourite songs for the million times / sitting in silence,
living in a city / living in a village,
being in a rush or on the contrary – simply not hurrying.

The biggest luxury is living YOUR life and doing whatever YOU like.



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